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    The man behind Steffen-Spiele

    Steffen Mühlhäuser founded Steffen-Spiele in 2003. Below is a short presentation of this multi-faceted game designer.

    My job has no clear career path. No school lessons teach it, and no training course or study program prepares for it. Yet people still do this job! I am a game designer. I regularly get asked how I started out. There are about as many reasons as there are game designers, but my top three are:

    1. I love numbers and patterns
    2. I search for order in life’s chaos
    3. I consider play a worthwhile activity

    I’m always thinking (almost) about games.
    When I go for a walk, while driving, while looking at patterns on a tiled floor, observing falling or rolling objects – a new game can lurk anywhere. At the earliest hint of an idea, I get hooked, infatuated, lost.
    I make notes and calculations; I sketch and create things. I test the early prototypes, abandon game rules and start over. I carry on… until the final round when my play testers say “again!” That’s the ultimate compliment for any game designer! It’s often a long road to the final game version, but I avidly follow it every time.

    I love my job.

    —Steffen Mühlhäuser, Krastel, May 2015

    Video of the SWR about Steffen and his games


    1999 Ava

    2000 Labyrinth

    2001 Fühlo

    2002 Linja

    2003 Blackout

    2004 Colomo

    2005 Karo
    Fuchsen & Mausen
    Tip Top

    2006 "81"
    Mini Memos

    2007 Stix
    Rhomba (with W. de Poel)

    2008 Schwarzer Kater

    2009 Bango

    2010 SchoK.O (with Andreas Kuhnekath)

    2011 Schokoly

    2013 COPA (with Daniel Krieg and Fred Horn)

    2014 BLOCKS (with Fred Horn)

    2015 TEN (with Madoka Kitao)

    2016 Zaubertrank der vier Elemente
    (with René Puttin)

    2018 Hipp-Hopp (Gerhards Spieleverlag)

    2020 Rettet Rapunzel (with Torsten Marold)

    2021 Hopp

    2022 TOKAN
    Zwei Wege

    2023 Passo (with Clemente Musa)