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    A games publisher with a difference!

    Steffen-Spiele exclusively publishes its own innovative games, or ideas contributed by guest authors. Founded in 2003 by Steffen Mühlhäuser, a game author and graphic designer, the publisher is a firm favourite on the German games scene. But several points differentiate its games from other publishers.

    Games publisher, Steffen-Spiele, is the Bauhaus of board games, the champion of simplicity and logic for game rules as well as graphic design.

    —Bruno Faidutti, game designer

    Design and quality

    Our philosophy is to make games with simple, timeless design that is a hallmark of our game materials and boxes. We take care over the functionality and longevity of the game materials. Our games are exclusively made in Germany.

    Game variants

    You will generally find more than one game inside our boxes. Our passion is to get the most out of one set of game materials to play several game variants.

    Free replacement service

    You can browse all the game rules on our website and print them out. We will send you a free replacement for any piece that goes missing.

    Sustainable and practical

    Our game boxes are smaller than others – for a very good reason! Every box is tailor-made for the game contents, which avoids air pockets and empty space. That’s not only sustainable for the environment, the compact box also makes Steffen Spiele ideal travel companions.

    Have fun with our games.
    Warm regards