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    How is a small box environmentally friendly?!

    Sustainability is today’s buzz word

    Sustainability is the buzz word today. The effects of climate change persuade us to change attitudes in many walks of life. The good news is that eco-friendly consumer behaviour works! The eco-footprint of product manufacturing has become a priority for business, because purely in marketing terms – sustainability sells well.

    We can proudly say that since setting up our publishing house in 2003, we’ve already ensured the environmentally-friendly production of durable games.

    Our priorities

    • Our game materials are mostly made of wood: functional and durable
    • We use FSC-certified wood and environmentally-friendly finishes
    • Game materials contain no plastic parts
    • All Steffen-Spiele games are made in Germany
    • Our box sizes are tailor-made for the game contents

    Small is beautiful

    We’re passionate about this principle. Everybody is familiar with opening a new game to find that its contents would easily fit into a box half the size. This is not sustainable for the environment.

    If all publishers produced boxes, which are tailor-made for game contents, we would need a fraction of the warehouse space and reduced logistics for deliveries of customers’ games.

    To avoid empty packaging, over the years we have made our boxes as compact as possible. That’s not just eco-friendly, it saves shelf space and makes Steffen Spiele ideal travel companions.